Rodents can become a big problem for homeowners and barns. Once they have found their way in, they seem to make themselves at home. Akers Pest Control offers several strategies for rodent control.

For homes, in most cases, rodents find a way in through small holes, cracks, crevices, and pipes. Barns have easier access for mice and rats and they love the extra feed they can find around the barn.

Both mice and rats breed rapidly and can adapt quickly to changing conditions. In fact, a female can give birth to half a dozen babies every three weeks. That’s about 35 mice a year.

The longer you have rodents in your home the greater the damage they will cause.

  • Foundation Damage – They tunnel under buildings and eat away making small cracks.
  • Insulation Damage – They chew through insulation, use it to build nest, not to mention the stench of them defecating and urinating in it.
  • Wall Damage – Hard to believe a rodent can chew through sheetrock, and electrical, but they do. They also make holes in closets and under cabinets.
  • Fire Damage – They chew through electrical lines causing damage and risk of fire.
  • Water Damage – Chewing through pipes and plumbing lines can lead to a plumbing disaster.
  • Pantry Damage – Once inside no food source is safe. They chew through food boxes while leaving their dropping and urinating as they go. And yes, this is gross.

Rodents are a health hazard to your family and your pets. Many dangerous diseases and parasites can be found in their feces they leave in your home, inside your walls, and in your cabinets.

Elimination and Prevention

Our first step is to seal all openings that could serve as entry ways into your home. Once we effectively seal your home, we place traps to catch any rodents that may have already entered your home. We place bait stations on the outside of your home to help eliminate the population of rodents around your property.

It is usually necessary for us to check traps three to four times in order to verify that rodents have been eliminated. This helps to prevent any new rodent damage. Rodents gain new access to your home by chewing holes so ongoing maintenance through the use of bait boxes is essential for effective rodent control.

  • We trap and remove as many rodents as we can to prevent them from dying in your home.
  • We identify and seal all points of entry; this helps prevent future infestation or access.
  • We strategically place rodent bait stations around the outside of your home to reduce the population and prevent future access to your home.

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