Take back Control of your Yard With Mosquito Control 

The West Nile virus is just the latest mosquito-borne disease to pose a threat to your family and pets, along with Encephalitis, Malaria, and dog-heartworm. Moreover, these nasty insects can simply take over your yard which robs your family of the pleasure of gardening, grilling, playing, riding, swimming, and other cherished outdoor activities.

Its impossible to eliminate 100% of mosquitos from your home but we have a program that can regain control of your outdoor space and allows you to take back control of your yard.

Our mosquito control program starts with a free inspection of your property to find all the breeding and harboring sites.

Then with the use of:

  • Insect growth regulators in standing water.
  • Fogging shaded low ventilated areas.

We can maintain an area of reduced population and you can go back to enjoying your yard again.

Once we have inspected and determined your specific mosquito problem, we determine the best course of action.

  • Our most popular program is a monthly treatment that controls mosquitoes all season long.
  • We also offer a one-time treatment for outdoor events such as parties, weddings, and graduations.
  • Quarterly Treatments.

We also recommend that in order to prevent or decrease population that you:

  • Keep your property free of standing water.
  • Repair any leaky outdoor pipes.
  • Keep weeds and grass manageable.
  • Keep gutters clean of debris.

At Akers Pest Control, we value our relationships with each and every customer.

Call or contact us now to set up a FREE INSPECTION of your home or business.