Happy, Healthy horses live in fly free barns.

Flies are annoying to both humans and our animal friends. This pest can irritate horses in particular to the point of endangering their well being and health. Horses stomp when flies land on their legs. Stomping in a confined space, such as a horse stall can potentially cause damage to their legs and hooves. Not only that, but fly bites can create sores on horses. Flies carry diseases, which could become problematic.

Don’t allow flies, mosquitoes, and flying insects to get between you and your horses happiness and health. Contact us today to come out for a free inspection of your barn so that we can work to meet your specific needs.

We install Fly Misting Systems for your barn. To help to keep your barn fly free and your horses happy and healthy.

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We also offer one time treatment services for any of your upcoming equestrian events.

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