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Don’t allow fire ants to take control of your yard or pastures. Let us help you take back control.

Fire ant control is essential for protecting your family, pets, livestock, yard, and pastures, especially in Marion County Florida. Fire ants can destroy your yards and fields. Not only that, but they can also cause electrical box, circuit breaker, and air conditioner damage.

They are responsible for countless veterinarian calls every year. Additionally, if you are allergic to their bites, they may account for a trip to the emergency room. Fire ants bite and sting at the same time. Their sting is a sensation similar to what one feels when burned by fire, hence the name, “fire ant.” 

Fire ants present a huge liability issue for horse farms due to their aggressive nature. They can injure or even kill newborn foals and cause health issues in valuable adults. Not only is the sting painful, the venom from a sting forms a painful pustule and can lead to secondary infections. This can affect smaller animals as well. Fire ant treatment is critical for anyone with a farm, yard, pasture or acreage small or large. 

We offer a solution for your residential, business, or farm fire ant control needs. Whether it is a one-time treatment or a you are looking for a year-round treatment program, we can help.

Our fire ant control services involve the use of fire ant bait. It is a great choice for those with larger properties in need of fire ant control. At the cost of $40.00 an acre (discounted price for larger properties), this fire ant program comes at an affordable price for any budget. Fire ant bait must be applied twice a year and requires approximately 4 months for noticeable results. This is a great solution especially for horse farms.

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